10th January 2018

OpenCode'18 was a huge success.See you next year.


Scoring Criteria

Each project will have issues open in it of varying difficulty and each issue will have points associated with it as below:

  • Rookie: 10 points
  • Skilled: 20 points
  • Advanced: 30 points
  • Expert: 50 points

Want to participate?

Fill in this form first and then add yourself in this project.(Will be released soon)

Do you have an exciting idea for a project or want us to help you with your previous one?Then be a mentor in OpenCode'18.

How this works

  • Participants are required to solve the issues and earn points.
  • At the end of competition, winner will be declared from top 5 by judging the quality of issues solved by them.So the participant with the most points need not be the winner.
  • Projects registered for the event can be solved to earn points. All of them can be found at OpenCode Organisation with label opencode.

Prizes & Important Points

Prizes (Cash prizes as well as Goodies) will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Grand prize winner (selected from the TOP 5 by the organizers) : Cash prize worth 2.5k, T-shirt, stickers and Certficate.
  • Top 5 Participants based on points: T Shirts, stickers, Certificates.
  • Participant with most points : Cash prize of 1k
  • Participant with second most points : Cash prize of Rs.500
  • Every participant with 4 PR merged will be awarded a digital participation certificate.
  • Top 5 will get direct admission to Hack In the North
  • Amazon gift voucher worth Rs. 300/- will be presented to one lucky participant who do the most social media outreach using facebook, twitter or any other platform.
  • All mentors with 4 good PR's merged will get stickers and certificate.
  • Mentors as chosen by the organisers will be given passes to attend Aparoksha, the annual techfest of IIIT Allahabad.
  • There will be a repo only for female developers, for the same there will be a special prize.
  • Referral points will be given to any participant only for first 20 days.
  • A participant at anytime can have 2 issues assigned.If there is no activity on the issue for 3 days then the issue will unassigned and available to all.
  • For IIITA first year students, it is necessary to score 100 points to be eligible for FOSS Wing interviews.

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Top 3 projects from OpenCode 2017

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This year as we expand we will introduce a project only for female developers to contribute.
All projects for OpenCode'18 can be found here
All issues from all OpenCode'18 Projects can be found here


Opencode gives a jumpstart to open source development skills.
It serves as a warm up for GSoC , also gives a taste of what would be ahead.

“In one month I got to know many things related to development,most of which was in web development.I got to know about the github and git and most importantly the linux command line. Contributing to projects gave me internal happiness as my work was used in the main project and available publicly.It was an experience to remember and I can’t forget it as it gave me a head start into the world of Open-Source contributing.”

Anupam Dagar

Anupam Dagar OpenCode'17OpenCode'17 Top Scorer

“The event is great for beginners and experienced students who want to get started with open source development or looking for a challenging contest in the same field. The best part about this event is the timing. It is placed just a month before GSoC starts. It is a one month long event. It also teaches you to stay active through out the period. I was leading when the event started, but I soon fell back a little 😝.”

Vamsi Sangam

Vamsi Sangam OpenCode'17 OpenCode'17 Winner , GSoC'17 with Teammates

“I’ve learned a lot after joining opencode.There are lot of projects in opencode which helps you apply your skills in web development. Before joining the opencode competition I didn’t even know what GitHub was and how useful it is. In fact I didn’t even have a GitHub account!. Opencode was the reason that i joined GitHub. Opencode is my first step towards opensource development and I’m glad that I’m a part of it.”

Aswanth K Anil

Aswanth K Anil OpenCode'17OpenCode'17 Runner Up

Our Goals

OpenCode started with the aim to get more people into the world of opensource.


Increase awareness about the world of open source.


Get people started with Git and GitHub.


Empower beginners to get started with development.

Improve Skills

Help mentors to improve their guiding skills.


Any questions? Drop us a mail here